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Foreign Applications

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Foreign students wishing to study at the Darul Uloom require a valid study visa, issued from the South African embassy in their respective countries. The following documents are required prior to application for a study visa at the South African embassy:

  1. Letter of acceptance from the Darul Uloom
  2. Police clearance certificate (from the nearest police station)
  3. Financial status report (such as a bank account statement indicating sufficient funds to cover all expenses incurred during the stay here)
  4. Compulsory medical aid (The Darul Uloom could assist in arranging temporary medical aid until arrival at the Darul Uloom)


The following procedure should be followed in acquiring the study visa:

  1. Complete and submit the application form to the Darul Uloom with a copy of the Passport
  2. A character report and reference letter from a reputable person or organization should also be submitted.
  3. A questionnaire would follow which should be completed and submitted back to the Darul Uloom.
  4. Once the questionaire has been received and the application approved, an acceptance letter will be forwarded.
  5. Submit it with the other necessary documents mentioned above to the South African Embassy.
  6. Once the visa is issued, kindly notify the Darul Uloom of the date of arrival and validity period of the visa.


Kindly take note of the Following:

  • Certain countries may require additional documents such as a Yellow fever vaccination certificate if your journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America. Kindly contact the South African Embassy within the country of concern.
  • Should the visa expire during the period of study, the Darul Uloom will assist in arranging an extension period. However, all costs will have to be borne by the applicant.
  • The visa will be issued for study at this Darul Uloom only. If one wishes to transfer to another Darul Uloom, the visa will have to be cancelled and a new study visa application will have to be made from abroad to study at the intended Darul Uloom.
  • Students are obliged to leave the country once their studies have been completed.
  • For transport arrangements from the airport to the Darul Uloom, kindly see the contact us section.
  • To apply for admission at Darul Uloom Zakariyya, please contact the Darul Uloom on (0027) 11 859 1081 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • For more information on visa related issues, kindly visit the South African Home Affairs Website by clicking here

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