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Extra-curricular Activities

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Extra-Curricular activities:

Students are also strongly encouraged to engage in the following co & extra-curricular activities:


Islâh & Tarbiyah (Self-Reformation)

Alhamdulillah, many of the teachers have received Khilafa (spiritual vicegerency) from their respective Sheikhs and deliver lectures and conduct self reformation programmes on a weekly basis. Honourable guests also get to address the students on a regular basis.


Dawah &Tabligh (Call and Dissemination of Faith):

The Darul Uloom strongly encourages the students to actively participate in Tablighi (propagational) activities. Mashwara (consultation) takes place each morning. Taleem (Kitaab Reading) takes place daily after the Asr Salaah in various language groupings. Joula Maqamiyah (local visits) takes place on a Thursday after Asr and a lecture is held thereafter. Joula Intiqaliyah (visits to nearby neighbourhoods) takes place on Sundays. Students are encouraged to go out during weekends for a 24hour period as well as during the holidays for longer periods.



Classes in Astronomy are conducted on a weekly basis and forms part of the Aalimiyah program.


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