Dress Code

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The dress code of the Darul Uloom is strictly white Islamic garments i.e. thobe and trousers worn well above the ankles. All sweaters, jerseys and jackets should have no pictures and bold inscriptions on it. Shaving or trimming the beard below a fist length is strictly prohibited. Keeping of long hair is also not encouraged.


A guide on things to bring along:

We suggest that the following items be brought along:

  • 3  or more sets of white clothing( thaubs, trousers, hats and turbans)
  • Vests and underwear
  • Tracksuit for sports and exercise
  • Winter clothing( jerseys, jackets, thermal underwear, socks, leather socks, shawl, scarf etc)
  • A pair of shoes, sandals and running shoes
  • Towels, washing and bathing essentials
  • Toiletries ( soaps, miswaak,  toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shampoo, nail clipper, scissor, hair oil, creams, toilet rolls, tissues etc)
  • Pyjamas for sleeping
  • Linen( bed sheets, duvets, blankets, pillows etc)
  • Sleeping bag and an overnight bag for jamaat
  • Stationery and kitaab bag
  • Personal medicines if any
  • Tablecloth, plate, bowl, teaspoon, tablespoon, cup and plastic waste bags.

Please ensure that all clothing has no prints on them and fancy colourful hats will not be allowed.


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