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Rules pretaining to Leather Socks

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Rules Pertaining To Leather Socks

1) If one wears leather socks after having made Wudhu and his Wudhu breaks thereafter, then when he makes his Wudhu again, it will be permissible for him to make Masah (passing of wet hands) on the leather socks.

2) If the socks are so short that they do not cover the ankles, Masah on them is not permissible. Similarly, if a person is not in the state of Wudhu and wears the leather socks, Masah on them will not be permissible. He will have to remove them and wash the feet.

3) One who is not traveling, the period of Masah is one day one night, this period of one day one night will be calculated from the time the Wudhu breaks and NOT from the time the when the leather socks were worn.

4) If Ghusl becomes obligatory on a person he should first remove the leather socks and then have a bath. Making Masah on the leather socks when bathing is not permissible.

5) Masah should be made on the top section of the leather socks and not on the soles.

6) The method of making Masah is that after wetting the fingers, they should be placed in the front. Place the fingers flat on the socks with the palms away from them. Thereafter, draw or pull the fingers towards the ankles. If the palms are also placed flat on the socks together with the fingers, it will be permissible.

7) Masah on the soles, heels or sides of the leather socks is not permissible.

8) Masah should not be made with the tip of the fingers but rather the whole finger.

9) It is Fard to make Masah equal to 3 fingers of the hands on each leather sock. Masah will not be complete with anything less than this.

10) Whatever breaks Wudhu also breaks Masah of the leather socks. In addition to this, removing the leather socks also breaks Masah.

11) If a person is in a state of Wudhu and he removes his leather socks, Masah will break. He will have to wash both his feet again and there is no need to repeat the entire Wudhu.

12) If the leather sock of one foot was removed, it will be Wajib to remove the other foot as well as to wash both feet.

13) Masah also breaks with the expiry of the period of Masah. If the person is still in a state of Wudhu after the expiry period, then only the feet must be washed, no need to repeat the entire Wudhu.

14) If the leather socks are torn to the extent that when one walks, an area equal to three fingers of the feet becomes exposed, then Masah on them will not be permissible. But if less then three fingers get exposed, it will be permissible.

15) If stitches on leather socks got opened but the foot is not visible from them, Masah will be permissible. But if it is such that while walking they become visible and when one is not walking they cannot be seen, then Masah will not be permissible.

16) If the leather socks get opened on one foot equal to 2 fingers, and equal to one finger on the other foot, Masah will be permissible. If one foot is torn in several places and all this equals three fingers, Masah will not be permissible. But if these several places do not add up to 3 fingers, Masah will be permissible.

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