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Faculties & Structure

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The Darul Uloom has five faculties of Study:

  1. Hifdhul-Qur’an - The Memorization of the Qur’an al-Kareem
  2. Aalimiyah - Study of Islamic Jurisprudence and Sciences
  3. Tajweed and Qira’aat - Science of Qur’anic Phonetics and Renditions (Sabah and Asharah)
  4. Ifta course – Specialisation in the Science of Islamic Jurisprudence and Research
  5. Arabic Adab - Specialisation in Arabic Literature


The head of the institution is Moulana Shabbier Ahmed Saloojee. There are 16 teachers in the Hifdhul-Qur'an faculty and 22 teachers in the Aalimiyah, Qira’aat and Ifta faculties. Auxiliary staff in all other departments is 40.


The institute currently has a role of 715 students, with 300 local students and the remainder from 56 Countries. 300 students are studying to become Hafidh while the remainder of the students are studying to become Ulama and Qur’ra.


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