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Thank You Israel…..For Being the Devil You Are !!! By Maulana Khalid Dhorat

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Thank You Israel…..For Being the Devil You Are !!!


Maulana Khalid Dhorat (Masjid Hamzah, Erasmia)


A blinding flash of white light;

Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight,

People running for cover,

Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive.

They came with their tanks and their planes;

With ravaging fiery flames,

And nothing remains,

Just a voice rising in the smoking haze.

We will not go down;

In the night, without a fight,

You can burn up our Mosques, our schools and our homes,

But our spirit will never die,

We will not go down in Gaza tonight.

Women and children alike;

Murdered and massacred night after night,

While so-called leaders of countries afar,

Debate on who’s right and wrong.

But their powerless words are in vain,

And the bombs fall down like acid rain,

But through the tears, blood and the pain,

You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze. (Micheal Heart)


As the F-16s and drones continue to fire upon the world’s largest concentration camp called Gaza, the same intriguing question that’s has puzzled my mind for years, once again surfaces: why have the Jews not found a homeland in over 2 000 years? The Arabs, offspring of Prophet Ebrahim (AS) from his wife Hajirah (AS), have their homeland; but the Jews, offspring of his first wife Sarah (AS), are till today running around in circles to such a degree that they need to steal land from their step-brothers in order to settle down!!


When one turns the pages of history, we read that various races settled in different parts of the world and claimed it as their own. Even after being colonised, many poor and under-militarised nations gained their independence from often powerful colonising European countries such as England, Portugal and Italy in recent history –  India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Bosnia to name but a few. If this happened to all the races on this earth, why couldn’t an ancient race such as the Jews claim an undisputed home somewhere in the world for themselves?


Modern Israel is a nuclear superpower, a master negotiator, and a technologically advanced state, but why is it that unanimous international recognition still evades them? Better still, why can’t this fiery dragon simply drive out all the Palestinians or pound them in to extinction with its superior fire-power and nuclear arsenal just as the cruel Americans did to the Red Indians, the heartless Australians to the Aborigines and the crafty English to the Bushmen? The two answers to this question are simple, and may surprise many.


Firstly, the question of a homeland or independence does not even arise for the Jews. After God granted them political power in Jerusalem under Prophet Dawud (AS) and Suleiman (AS), they transgressed against the Torah. As a punishment, they were forcefully exiled to Babylon in 586 BC (almost 2 600 years ago) by King Nebuchadnezzar, after which they never regained political power. In time they dispersed in the land, but were not welcome anywhere. Instead, they were regarded as a scourge to society and were persecuted in most European and Russian countries where they sought refuge. In fact, till today, Israel’s staunchest ally, the USA, would rather grant Israel support from afar, instead of offering her a homeland within the USA and integrating with them!!


So has God been unfair in not apportioning a land to the Jews. Definitely not! The Jews were granted power, but as a punishment for their misdeeds, they are eternally doomed to be unsettled. The Almighty tells us in the Qur’an that the Israelites have been cursed by none other than Prophet Dawud (David) and Prophet Isa (Jesus) (5:78) for various reasons: violation of the laws of Sabbath (47:4), interpolating the Torah (2:159), claiming their hearts to be “wrapped up” i.e. pretending not to understand God’s word in order to claim superiority for themselves (2:88), claiming that the hands of God are “closed” (5:64), for murdering numerous Prophets (4:155), for dealing in usury and fraudulent activities (4:161), for worshipping the golden calf and professing their hatred for Angel Jibraeel (2:93-97) and surprisingly, for brazenly claiming to be the sole inheritors of Paradise (2:94). A nation which thinks God to be its servant must surely be in the gutters.


It is unfortunate that the Palestinians have to pay the price of Zionist occupation on behalf of all the Muslims, but martyrdom and paradise is their lot. God only chooses the most determined and hardy for tasks such as this. Had the Zionists decided to settle in South Africa 80 years ago, the entire Sotho, Swazi and Zulu nation would also be suffering the same fate!


The second reason as to why the Jews will never secure a homeland is that the present illegal occupation of Palestine, based on the absurd premise of Theodore Herzl in 1897 of “rebuilding the Jewish Kingdom of Solomon,” is meant to one day result in a spectacular showdown between not only the Palestinians and the Zionists, but the entire Muslim world and the New World Order. At the moment, a small but determined Palestinian nation are holding the mighty Israelis back with nothing but sling and stones, but the game plan will soon change. It will be a time when the Muslims will fight, not under the Palestinian flag, but under the banner of Islam. This event, prophesised in all divine scriptures, is known as Armageddon to the Christians, and Malhamah to the Muslims. It will take place in an area called Sham, which largely comprises of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. It is in this area that both forces will concentrate their forces for the ultimate battle. With over 88% of Palestine now occupied, how much smaller can Gaza become? This may be just the time when the tables start turning.


Vermin of Humanity

Having said this, the main aim of this article is not Zionist-bashing, but to understand why this vermin of humanity is playing the current role it plays. Vermin are insects such as cockroaches, flies, lice, rats and bedbugs that appear in unhygienic places. They also have a role to play in nature. Likewise, human vermin also have a significant role to play in history. They do not appear unless society has become so “unhygienic” that human vermin need to appear to indicate just how dirty society has become.


Look around and you will realise that the rot is everywhere… It starts from the biggest tool of disunity called Nationalism, the slyest thief of economic prosperity called Banking and Capitalism, and the most shameless factory of deception and immorality called Hollywood.  We wake and sleep with Zionism daily. In the morning, most of us use Colgate to brush our teeth, Baby Soft to wipe our bottom and Pantene to shampoo our hair. Pampers is our diaper of choice, Pick n Pay our favourite store and Dischem our pharmacy by default. We entertain our guests with Coca Cola, use Discovery medical aid, visit FNB for finance and finally do not sleep without using Oral B floss!! The Jews have not only occupied our lands, but also our souls! Isn’t it time to start taking a stand?


The Zionists, however, need to be thanked for willingly playing the role of the devil. If it wasn’t for them, the Muslim world which is not only fast asleep, but in a coma, would’ve just sunk deeper and deeper into degeneration. God is allowing this devil to run free because freedom with suffering is more honourable than slavery with happiness to men. It’s part of His plan for us to sin, suffer and learn. Suffering is also God’s way of revealing the true nature of men – in order to mould the willing and spit out the unwilling. But perhaps the best argument for suffering to take place is what our eminent Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) said: “When some is affected by a trial, his first impulse is to cope with it by himself. If this does not help, he seeks help from others … people in power and medical experts. When this also fails, he ultimately resorts to his Lord in humility, prayers and reform.”


A time will come when everyone will realise that it’s futile to march on the USA embassy demanding protection, petitioning the UN for peace and flooding the streets with placards. How can the hypocritical White House, who supports Israel on one hand, and tells Egypt on the other hand to go ahead with a truce, ever grant the Muslims protection? Presently, the image of pregnant mothers with their bellies torn off and children with their insides splattered about is suppose to achieve this end, but if it doesn’t, then more bloodshed will take place until we realise that it is only the rule of the Almighty and His pleasure that matters, not national independence and economic and military slavery to the west.


When the ummah realises this painful fact for which so many lives has been lost, then the present Zionist supremacy will start dwindling. But for now, the current Gaza war gives the Muslim ummah a 100-page long assignment to complete. Let us get it right this time and support those who are doing it right. If not, the mathematical paradox of Israel which has a population of a mere seven million and which  occupies an area roughly equivalent to the Kruger National Park, will continue to shame over 2 billion Muslims spread over 20 countries.


Lastly, the Zionists have conveniently forgotten their humble beginnings way back in 1020 BC. A lean shepherd armed with only a sling and a few stoners named David (Prophet Dawud AS), killed the mighty Goliath and secured Israelite rule for the first time in the Holy Lands. When the Muslims once again have the help of the Almighty on their side, then it will only require the presence of another lean person, Prophet Isa (Jesus), to melt the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and defeat the forces of evil.


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