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1 Performing Jumu'ah at home during disease outbreak -
2 Halting Jumūʿah Service Due to COVID-19 42
3 Is it permissible to perform Qadha of the Taraweeh Salaah the next day in congregation? 1956
4 What is the ruling on performing salaah behind some one who watches TV or is sinful in any way 2079
5 A Hanfee imam rectifies himself by the correction of a Shafee who was looking in the Quraan. Is the salat of the imam and the congregation valid? 2081
6 Is it permissible to accept gifts (monetary or other wise) in lieu of leading the taraweeh prayers? 1896
7 Should Salaam be made upon entry into the masjid? 2366
8 What is the status of the Imāmat in Ṣalāh al-Tarāwīḥ of a person who shaves or trims his beard? 2219
9 What is the status of conveying the Khuṭbah in Arabic according to the four Imams? 2008
10 Is it permissible to perform Salāh al Jumʿuah in a prison? 2238
11 is it permissible for Ḥanafīs to follow Shāfiʿīs in Witr Ṣalāh and vice versa? 2603
12 Is the Imāmat of of a person who cuts his beard valid? 2308
13 Is Salāh behind a hasty Hafiz vaild? 2322
14 Is it permissible to have a spot reserved for the Muazzin behind the Imām? 2268
15 Is it permissible for the Imām to make a collective dua after the Fard Salāh? 2903
16 Delay of Sunnah & Nafl Salaah 2516
17 How should the feet be kept in Sajdah? 2586

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