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22 Jamadul Ukhra 1434/ 04 May 2013


“Verily, Allah has bought from the believers their lives and their wealth in return for Jannah, they fight in the Way of Allah, so they kill and are slain, a true promise in the Tauraat and the Injeel and the Qur’aan.”
[Surah Taubah]

“Allah has promised those who believe amongst you and do good deeds, He will surely make you the successors of the earth as He made those who came before you, and He will establish for them their Religion which he is happy with for them.”     [Surah Noor]

“Those are the people whom Allah tested their hearts for their taqwa (piety), for them is forgiveness and a great reward.”         [Surah Hujuraat]

“They are the successful.”

“They are the righteous.” [Surah Hujuraat]

“They are the  successful.”

“They are the true believers.” [Surah Anfaal]


“Hold fast onto my Sunnat and the Sunnat of the Khulafaa Raashideen.” [Mishkaat]

“Whoever swears me, kill him; and whoever swears my Sahaba, lash them.” [Mishkaat]

“My Sahaba are like the stars whomsoever of them you follow, you will be guided.” [Tirmizi]

“In the Last Era there will appear a nation who are called Raafidhi, who will leave Deen.”

“There will come after me a nation who are called Raafidhi, so if you find them then kill them for they are mushriks (idolators), they will swear Abu Bakr and Umar [Radhiallahu Anhumma], and whosoever swears my Sahaba then upon them be the curse of Allah and the Malaa’ikah (angels) and all the people.” [Ibn Maajah]

“Soon after me there will be a people who will speak evil of them (the Sahaba) and who will degrade them, so do not drink with them and do not eat with them and do not marry them, and do not be married to them and do not read salaat with them and do not join ties with them, for curses (laa’nat) rains down upon them.” [Ibn Maajah]

[Extracted from Ghuniyatut Taalibeen p.179  Muqaddima al-Awaasim p.24]


Teachers and former graduates of the Darul Uloom attended a Jalsa last month held in Laudium at Masjid Al Noor (CIS). The theme of the Jalsa was: The Blessed Companions of Rasulullah (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam). Hazrat Moulana Shabbier Ahmed Saloojee Sahib DB and Moulana Burhaan Mia Sahib conducted lectures on the merits and virtues of the Sahaba (Radiallahu Anhum)  as well as repelled the objections and criticism raised against them from some quarters. To listen to the lecture delivered by Hazrat Moulana Shabbier Sb, please click here. To listen to Moulana Burhaan Sahibs lecture, please click here. To listen to the entire jalsa, please click here.


What is the status of conveying the Khuṭbah in Arabic according to the four Imams?

Answer: According to Imām Mālik (RA) it is not permissible to deliver the Khuṭbah in any other language besides Arabic under any circumstance. If the Khuṭbah is delivered in any other language besides Arabic, then it would not be permissible to perform Ṣalātul Jumu’ah. Instead Ẓuhr salat should be performed, unless the Khuṭbah is repeated.   
(Ḥāshiyah al-Dasūqī on Sharḥul Kabīr pg. 328 vol.1)

According to Imām Shāfiʿī (RA) and Imām Aḥmed (RA) if one is capable of delivering the Khuṭbah in Arabic, then it is not permissible in any other language. This is also the opinion of Imām Abu Yusuf (RA) and Imām Muḥammed (RA).    
(Ḥāshiyah al-Sharwānī ala Tuḥfatul Minhāj pg. 45 vol.2)

According to Imām Abu Hanīfah (RA), to convey the Khuṭbah in any other language besides Arabic is Makrūh al-Tahrīmī (close to Ḥarām).

Allamah Sarakhsī (RA) has mentioned in Al-Mabsūṭ that in following our predecessors, at least the basic principles of the Khuṭbah should be conveyed in Arabic. It is also not established that during the time of the Ṣaḥābah (RA) or the Tābi’īn that the Khuṭbah was delivered in any other language besides Arabic.
(Al-Mabsūṭ, Pg235)

And Allāh alone knows best.

Fataawa Darul Ulūm Zakariyyā, Vol. 2, Pg 662


Hazrat Mufti Radhaul Haq Sahib Damat Barakatuhu visited Australasia early this year and conducted programs in different cites of Australia in both Arabic and Urdu. To listen to Hazrat's lectures, please click here

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طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم
It is incumbent upon every Muslim to seek Knowledge

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