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VOL.02. NO.1
06 Zul Hijjah 1434/12 October 2013

Advices of our esteemed Elders to the Old Workers:

1. "Imaan banega Dawat se, pakegaa Qurbaani se, bachegaa Maahol se aur fhelegaa Hijrat se" (Imaan will be made by giving Dawat, it will ripen by giving sacrifices, it will be safeguarded by creating a conducive environment and it will spread through movement and migration)

2. "Dunya ke kaam me asal haw jaana he (jaw bhe kare koi haraj nahe, haw jaanaa asal he) Aur Deen ke kaam me khood karna asal he, haaw jaanaa kaafee nahee he" ie: in worldly things, the main thing is the work must get done, no matter who does it, but in Deeni work: you have to do it yourself!!! If others do it, it is not sufficient!!! You have to do it yourself!!!

3. "Dunyawalo ki nazar me Kaarguzaari pasand aajana asal nahi hai balke Allah ki nazar me pasand aajaana asal ha " (For ones kaarguzaari to be pleasing to the people of the world is not the actual purpose, the actual thing is for it to be pleasing to Allah Ta'ala)

4. "Kaam ki hifaazat apni jawan ladki se zyada karo" (Protect the work more than you would protect your youngest child)

5.  “Allah say Kaam ki Basirath maangna chahiye” (We should ask Allah for understanding of the work)

6. "Raahato se kufr felta hai aur Takleefo se Islam felta hai" (Kufr spreads through ease and comfort and Islam spreads through difficulties and sacrifice)

7. "Saadghi Sunnat ki taraf le jaati hai aur fashion Haraam ki taraf le jaata hai" (Simplicity leads a person towards the Sunnah whilst fasion leads a person towords Haraam)

8. “Jahalat ka muqaabla Akhlaq say karo” (Combat ignorance with good character)

9. “Burai ko Bhalai say duur karo” (Eradicate evil by means of adopting goodness)

10. “Ye Kaam wasila hai, asal Kaam Sunnat aur Shariah pay chalna hai, jaisay Wuzu wasila hai Namaz ka” (The work of Tabligh is a means, while the important work is to follow the Sunnah and Shariah, just as doing Wudhu is a means for performing Salaah)

11. “Kaam may Quality hona chahiye, Quantity nahi” (There should be quality in work, not quantity)

12. “Deen may jitni Khobi paida ki jaasakti hai, karna chahiye” (We should try to achieve the highest possible level in Deen)

13. “Apnay sathi kay andar Sifaat lana, bahut bari zimmedaari hai” (Instilling noble qualities in our Saaties is a very great responsibility)

14. “Jiskay paas Taqwa hai, unka kaam Khubool hoga” (Who has fear of Allah, only their work is accepted)

15. “Wasail ko ikhtiyaar karna hai taakay Asal tak pahunch jaaye, agar Wasail may hi pas jayengay toh phir Deen ek Rasam banjayega, jo sirf dikhanay kay khabil hoga” (We should adopt means (the effort of Tabligh) to reach the target (following the Sunnah and the Shariah), if we just follow means, then Islam will become ritual, which will just be for showing others)

16. “Hamaray pass Sachai hai, dikhawa nahi, isi ki Insha-Allah Allah tareef karega” (We have the truth, not showing off. Allah Ta’ala will Insha-Allah praise this)

17. “Kaam phaylana alag hai, aur Jaan padna alag hai, hamay Kaam may Jaan chahiye. Hazrat Muaawiya Radhiallahu Anhu kay zamanay may Deen khoob phela, lekin Umar Radhiallahu anhu kay zamanay may Jaan thi. Hamaray kaam may Jaan ho” (Spreading the work is a different thing and developing potential in the work is a different thing. In the time of Hazrat Muaawiya Radiallahu anhu, Islam spread very much. But in the time of Umar Radiallahu anhu there was potentiality. We need potential in the work)

18. “House may Paani jaha say jaata hai, waha Mehnat karna chahiye” (The place where water leaks from the tank, we have to work on that part)

19. “Doh mahinay isliye hai, ke sathi apna Kaam Basirath kay sath karay” One should spend two months in the Markaz, so that one can do the work with understanding)

20. “Doh mahinay Dawat aur Khidmat kay liye hai” (The two months are for giving Dawah and to serve)

21. “Yaha loug Kaam samajnay aatay hai, toh unko samhalnay waalay chahiye” (People come here to understand the work, so we need people to serve them)

22. “Jab logoun ko Kaam samjao gay, toh nusrath paida hogi Deen ki” (When you will teach the people about the work of Tabligh, then they will also help in serving the Deen)

23. “Kaam waha accha hoga jaha koi poochnay wala nahi” (The work will be done better there, where people don’t even ask you)

24. “Mehnath maqsad kay liye hoti hai, Mehnath mehnath kay liye nahi hoti. Tabligh chalnay phirnay kay liye nahi, Deen ko zindagi may laanay kay liye hai” (The work is done to achieve a purpose; work is not done just because we have to work. Tabligh is not just for moving here and there, it is to bring Deen in our lives)

25. “Kaam ho na ho, Ummat phatna nahi chahiye” (Even if the work of Tabligh is not done, one shouldn’t divide the Ummah)

26. “Bayroon ka safar Shouk kay liye math karo, warna Jamath tut jaye gi” (Do not travel to foreign countries just for interest sake, else the Jamaat will break up)

27. “Suin laakon logon ko kapra pehna ti hai, lekin khud nangi hoti hai” (A needle helps in clothing hundreds of thousands, but it itself is naked) (Practice what you preach)

Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhalwi Sahib (R.A.) once said: “The custom and shape of Deen is present in Muslims today. The aim of this Tableeghi struggle is that the spirit and reality of Deen may come in them. Scattered parts of the Deen are present in them. Our objective is that complete Deen may come in them in its proper form and totality…”

Once Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Sahib R.A. said: “…..Until your nights are not colored by the color of the nights of the Companions (Sahaba) R.A., the efforts you make in the day will not bring forth any color…..”

Hazratjee Moulana In'aamul Hasan Sahib (RA) said: "A'amaale Dawat Yahee He Aur Yahee Rahenge” (the Aamaal of Dawat are what we currently have and that's how it will always remain) i.e.: the Usools of Dawat are those that were outlined by Hazrat Moulana Ilyaas Sahib, Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Sahib & Hazrat Moulana In'aamul Hasan Sahib (Rahmatullahi Allaihim) and it will remain the same with no change.


The annual Ulama & Old Workers Jhor was held at the Darul Uloom last month. Alhamdulillah just under a thousand Ulama Ikraam and approximately 3000 Workers gathered to listen to the great advices rendered by our senior elders. Many foreign Jamaats were also present. Approximately 60 Jamaats came out from the Jhor. For the benefit of those brothers who were unable to attend the Jhor, please find the recordings here. Allah Subhanhu wa Ta'ala enable us to practice on all the advices our elders desire us to inculcate within ourselves. Ameen

Don’t ask “What”? Ask “Why? (Part Two of Two)

Why is this happening?

If the invasion of Libya was like a match thrown in an oil can, the invasion of Syria will be like a bomb thrown in nuclear plant. At the moment, Syria is the only place in the world where people sleep at night on earth, and wake up in the morning in heaven!

Although Syria is not rich in any natural resources like Zimbabwe, it is a strategic place for the triumph of Islam at the end of times. Our Master Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) blessed Syria (called Sham, which incorporates Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine too) as well as Yemen and said that a “the wing of an angel is above it.”

This is the land where majority of the previous prophets are buried, but is also the land where the most amount of struggle between truth and falsehood took place, the place where powerful nations like ‘Ad and Thamud were utterly destroyed. Syria is place that decides the fate of the world...Read More >>


The eminent UK scholar - Shaikh Mumtazul Haqq, visited the Darul Uloom earlier this month.  

Shaikh completed his Hifdhul Qur'an at Jamia Rashidiyyah, Karachi, and then took up studies in Engineering at a UK university.

He then took to dedicating his life to the cause of Islam, and took the bai'ah at the hands of Maulana Ghulam Habib Naqshbandi in his first visit to the U.K in 1971, but received khilaafat at the hands of Maulana Naeemullah Farooqi upon the death of the former.

Since 1991, he has been Imam of the Jami Masjid in South Hall, London, and has, under the supervision of leading world scholars like Allamah Khalid Mahmoud, been engaged in academic research and lecturing on various pertinent topics affecting the Muslim world.He is a specialist in the field of combating deviant Beliefs.

To listen to Shaikhs address to the students, please click here

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