HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE AMBIYA (AS)? By Maulana Khalid Dhorat




By Maulana Khalid Dhorat


In an era when people have forgotten the true heroes of Allah and are taking inspiration from the lives of the rich and famous, the book in question will hopefully rekindle the love and attachment to a class of people whose actions were beyond reproach. Written in a unique question and answer format, the book is suitable for all ages and promises hours of inspiration.

The book consists of 642 questions and answers on all the Qur’anic prophets, from Sayyadina Adam (AS) to Sayyadina ‘Isa (AS). The questions and answers are presented in such a way that after reading through a chapter, a systematic picture of that particular prophet is conjured. The unique format and lesser known historical facts will surely fascinate the reader and inspire him/her to always make the struggle of Islam his/her primary focus in life.

Some of the many questions are as follows:

1. Why did Allah name the first human “Adam”?

2. From among the angels, who prostrated first to Sayyadina Adam (AS)?

3. Name the “firsts” of Sayyadina Idris (AS) on this earth?

4. Did the great deluge in the time of Sayyadina Nuh (AS) engulf the entire world, or only the area which was populated at the time?

5. The tribe of ‘Ad is mentioned in nine chapters of the Qur’an. Name them?

6. How was the “Camel of Allah” actually killed in the time of Sayyadina Salih (AS)?

7. How many years passed between Sayyadina Adam (AS) and Sayyadina Ebrahim (AS)?

8. How did Sayyadina Ebrahim (AS) and his son get to know the exact location of the old foundation of the Ka‘bah and where did they find the Hajr-e-Aswad?

9. The people of Sayyadina Lut (AS) is said to have been the worst in morals of their time. They invented the practice of homosexuality and sodomy, which they openly practiced. Besides this, they also had many other evil traits. Name them?

10. What function did Sayyadina Yusuf (AS) perform in the ‘Aziz’s house?

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