Al-Asil – The Pure-bred Arabian Horse, by Ml Yusuf Bemath


By Maulana Yusuf Bemath


Al-Asil – The Pure-bred Arabian, is a treat for all horse enthusiasts and a highly enlightening read for the rest of us. The author has not only delved into the sea of hadith and retrieved a large number of them pertaining to horses, but has also managed to revive numerous works on the subject by traditional Islamic scholars in the early centuries of Islam. He has, in a completely unique manner, managed to synthesize these disregarded contributions with contemporary research on the Arabian horse. By recollecting his personal travels to various Arabian studs around the world, he flavours the theory with real life accounts of meetings with royalties as well as the masters of equitation – the desert Bedouin!

Available after launch on the 7th December 2012 in:

Johannesburg: Radio Islam (011 854 7022), CII, (011 494 7000) and Al-Huda Stores (011 839 3790)

Durban: Al-Ansar (031 208 1601) and Darul-Ihsan Bookstores (031 377 7868)

Cape Town: Timbuktu Books (021 671 9819)

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